Monday, February 8, 2010


It broke through! Liam decided naps were ok again. We had a great weekend. Though the Zone diet was absent completely. Especially Sunday, with the Superbowl. I mean I didn't really care who wins but that doesn't mean I can't eat a sickening amount of buffalo wings, right?

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Evil Evil Teeth

So my friend was telling me how her daughter who is 2 weeks older then L had 6 teeth (oh my sweet mother of god, 6) by 7 months. I was all like, "OMG you poor thing,  She must have been miserable. Blah blah blah." Meanwhile, I was just waiting for another one of those evil stabby things to torture my little angel....waiting, and waiting.

Well no sooner then I lend her my sympathy, Mr. Fantastic's upper gums get red, like really red. It was awful, a week of crying and sad faces for everyone. No sleep for anyone...except Justin and Fenway. Then one of his top front teeth pops through. Then, he was back, Mr. Fantastic was back. We laughed and played and the tears were minimal. Twas bliss.

Then his other upper gum got red, like really red. I waited for the sad faces and tears, armed with my Oragel and Tylenol. But the smiles continued. We learned how to crawl (omg craziness is a mobile child) And we learned to sit on our own, and pull up, and eat lots of yummy things. But no tooth came to ruin our life.

Then I was tickeling him on the couch and I noticed another tooth- a totally unexpected Chiclet on the bottom. Ok sure, I'll take it! No tears? awesomeness.

Meanwhile, the top gum is festering with owies waiting to hurt my innocent bebe. Then the tears come and the sleeping gets disrupted and the the Orgel numbs and Tylenol soothes the pain...but no tooth.

This fucking tooth will not come out. I can see the little bastard. It wants to come out, but it just stays their on the edge, not daring to cut through and relieve my angel. It stays there teetering and taunts us all.

Teeth are fucking evil.

Friday, January 29, 2010

In the Zone, man.

My husband has decided we are fatties. Actually he decided he wants to lose a few pounds, and since he is the one that cooks in our family, I am to lose weight with him.  No more watching the Biggest Loser eating chocolate in our sweat pants.

Enter the Zone diet. I have heard about it before, I remember that it was the diet that Jen Anisten went on right before she got skinny and landed Brad. What I don't remember is that that bitch is fucking hard. I am now savoring one ounce of cheese like it is tiramisu or something.

So I spend my waking moments dreaming of food. It has only been a few days but Christ almighty I want french fries. On the up side I have lost 3 pounds, on the bad side I woke up nawing my pillow. Good times.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Hello Stranger!

Wow, so we are like pushing 2 months right? I am awesome!

It doesn't help that the only interweb access that I have is on my blackberry, which is super fun. But that is a lame excuse. I guess I have been too busy with life to take a minute to tell it all here. I am a little mad at myself.

Mr. Fantastic is growing by leaps and bounds. He'll be 8 months old Saturday, insane. He has been crawling for a few weeks and is into EVERYTHING. This morning I had to wrestle dog food out of his mouth, and he has learned how the turn the volume up on the TV receiver. Sweet. The little man is quick.
Needless to say my shower time and pooping time has definitely been regulated to when he sleeps.

He popped another tooth, which thankfully wasn't nearly as traumatic as the first two. He is eating solids like a champ. I  have yet to find something he won't eat. We haven't tried proteins aside from egg. And we discovered he has a dairy allergy (awful bum rash, I felt so bad.) But aside from those, he has been trucking with fruits, veggies, crackers and cheerios. His father calls him his little Easter Ham.

I have been sucked into athe Zone diet by my husband. but that adventure is for another time.

Hugs and Kisses!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Feed me I'm Yours

Right when my little sweet baby turned all Hyde on me when he was sprouting teeth, his sleeping patterns got all shot to shit. He has never been a great napper, but night time he is a dream baby. But he started getting up 5 times a night, and unless his momma came to his rescue rocking him for hours straight, then he wouldn't got back to sleep either.

fun shit.

In my delerious state I decided my poor baby was hungry and we must start feeding him cereal to make sure his little belly is full. Like, now. Justin tried to talk me out of it. He wants to admit our baby is growing up even less then I do. But of course I brought home the cereal and threw the camera in his hand and said "Game face on Daddy, it's feeding time.:

Liam at that shit up. He was smiling, laughing, opening his mouth up for more. It was so cute. And that night I laid down dreaming of 3 straight hours of unbroken sleep. Of course he got up 6 times just to fuck with me.

Then two days later his little sharp chicklets shined through and he went back to sleeping like a dream baby.

But naps? They continue to be a joke.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Soo I may have scared you

with my last post. But that wasn't my intention. Remember us mommas like to lure in new recruits with chubby thighs and cute little giggles and then scare the bejeezuz out of you when you are KU and stuck. It is our own little twisted mind fuck. That is how we really have fun. So I thought I'd lure you back to possibly one day procreating with some nummy pics of the dude. Because well, he is awesome.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

You know what's hot?

There isn't anything glamorous about pregnancy. In fact people purposely don't tell you about the weird shit that happens to your body until you are in fact knocked up. Then it is no holds barred, they share and share and scare you into some serious hypocondria. I had eleventy different things to ask my doctor every week.

I was lucky that I escaped puking daily (I know you hate me.) But in exchange for that I got me some serious Hobbit feet. They were enormous. Add to that a super sweet cankle and the fact I couldn't reach (or see) my feet and pluck the little toe hairs. Hot.

My husband confessed after they had safely shrunken back to their normal cute selves that he was afraid that the hobbit feet were permanent. He was wise to wait to confess this for sure.

Also, I got PUPPS, which sounds all cute and innocent but is really this fucked up rash that takes over your stretch marks (yep got them too) and are all "fuck you, you have stretch marks and now I am going to make you want to cut you skin off with all this itchingess." I didn't sleep at all the week before Mr. Fantastic was born.

But it isn't all bad. Aside from that fact that you know, you are growing a person, you get awesome hair. Thick, glossy gorgeous hair. I could have been a freaking hair model. Penelope Cruz had nothing on me. I swished back and forth over my shoulders like I used to when I was a kid and I had a high ponytail (you know you did that too.) It.was.awesome.

But of course it was just a dicktease. The other day I started molting. I have handfuls of hair clogging up the drain, clumps being brushed out of my head. Annnnd once again I am a freak. I think my husband is wisely biting his tongue on this one too.